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Bound jock Cameron Marshall is bound in his swimming trunks on a white leather couch. His hands are securely tied to his ankles and he thrashes around trying to get free. His trunks are removed giving us the perfect view of his pretty pink hole and rock hard cock. We retie his hands so they are cinched above his head and tethered to his balls. Cameron yanks on the rope until he is finally able to shoot a load!
Master Devon continues the electro, and then takes it to the next level: he greases up a long electro butt plug for the sub Joseph Rowland. It takes some effort to get in there, but the effect of the juice lifts Joseph off of the table!
This boy hasn't learnt has he? He gives lip to the warders, tries to ingratiate himself with the older lags, but his biggest crime is that he stinks! The old timers have had words with the prison officers and, much to the delight of some of the pervier prisoners, this boy is being given his first ice cold power
Damien finds himself strapped and bound by a masked man (Devon Salem).
We are getting to the end of the training. After blow jobs, beating, slapping comes the final and the best part : pure fucking. With the rope around the neck pvt. Johan is unable to do anything to stop this. He just wishes to be over with this. And here it comes. Cum on his face is a sign that he passed the basics and is eligible for the promotion. But what waits for him next?
Calvin Collins yells at Jakobe Willamson to scream. When he doesn't Calvin uses his influence.
Martin, Tomas, Romi, Mirek and Martin - Raw - Dutybound
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Bound jocks Alessio Romero and Rogue Status volunteer to get their backs flogged by coach Dolan Wolf at IML. We tie these two beef cakes in rubber jocks face to face so that their backs are turned out to the crowd. We also tie their cock and balls together so they will each feel it deep in their groins as the other is hit with the leather flogger. Dolan Wolf is masterful with his whipping skills and slowly warms up each back evenly. Soon though he starts to apply the heat and beats both backs until they are good and red. In the end each jock is left trembling in each other's bound arms and grateful for the experience.
Raised under strict protective care in his wealthy family, Tarquin was always taught his body is a temple. No one has been allowed to see this pristine boy fully exposed until now. The authoritative figures guide him through his physical examination feeling his silky foreskin slide back, sucking his big healthy balls and fingering his tight virgin-pink asshole. Tarquin is overwhelmed having his privates so insistently handled.
Bound jock Armand Rizzo is very ticklish. Coach Dolan Wolf had the opportunity to bind this jock to a bench in our booth at IML and got to see just how long it would take to make the boy beg for mercy. Once Dolan was done making the boy squirm, he rewarded Armand with a taste of coach's cock!
Skyy is brought into Master Damien Lee's
Faggot, Swallow Whatever Squirts From Our Arses - Piss Drinking - Fag Humiliation - Arse Licking
It's demeaning to these proud tough workers to follow the commands of this privileged little twerp who struts between them in his tidy suit. He belittles them any chance he gets. But he's grown complacent in his position indulging in recreational fun that his Uncle and the authorities would not approve of. If he's found out he'll lose it all. The men have him where they want him blackmailing him into being their locker room bitch.
It's flattering for the young lad to be getting so much attention from these powerful football club board members. He's not likely to question when they start feeling him over and peeling his clothes off. But once they start touching his sensitive cock and it quickly engorges he's embarrassed to be standing there with a big stiff for all to see. His humiliation increases all the more when he's ordered to bend over on the board room table.
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Tristan Phoenix is a horny boy, but Leo Forte isn't about to make it easy for the boy to cum. Leo cinches Tristan's arms back and gags him as Tristan's cock stands at attention in anticipation. Leo slowly strokes the quivering boy's cock just to the point of eruption and then stops making Tristan cry out through his gag? This game continues for Leo's amusement. Will Tristan ever get to cum?
We need somebody for hard work, because we are maybe to bored. But for some fun we can play with our worker and give him some training!
Bound jock Dallas Steele is tied up tightly in an extreme hog tie position on the mat. As this muscle daddy rolls around trying to get free his muscles bulge and his dick starts to grow underneath his sheer wrestling singlet. After much straining and by shear brute force he is finally able to break free. Even though he is soaked in sweat he peels off his singlet and slowly milks the his load from his huge cock.
Bound jock Jordan Foster is tied down to the metal table in a yellow jock strap. Mr. Kristofer hovers over his bound body and quickly discovers this eager jock is extremely ticklish! Mr. Kristofer lightly touches Jordan's pits causing the boy to desperately try to squirm away, but he cannot. The jock is now raging hard and Mr. Kristofer ties a 10 pound weight to Jordan's balls and lets it hang over the edge of the table. This forces the helpless boy's hard dick straight into the air. Mr. Kristofer slowly strokes the jock's dick until he is just about ready to blow and then stops right on the edge of climax. Mr. Kristofer repeats this process 5 or 6 times until Jordan is begging him through his gag to cum!
The helpless slave has to suck his master. He is tied well and you can still see both fear and respect in his eyes. He is doing as he is told to do. The cruel master fingers him first with one, then even with two fingers. And because the slave is about to cry he gets spanked until he shuts up. Then he gets fucked again. First slowly, then fast and then slow again. Finally the muscular master shoots his massiv cumshot right into the guy's face.
Tempers ride high when Enrico comes upon the men seizing his business equipment. Maybe if Enrico spent more time in business school rather than the gym he'd be smart enough not to get himself into such bad debt. Knowing they've got this bonehead in a corner, the sly men strip him off enjoying Enrico's mounting humiliation. His white briefs are so tight his thick juicy cock head is perfectly outlined. The excitable stud's penis becomes engorged against his will while his face goes beet-red with the veins in his forehead throbbing.
Bound Jock Dominik Rider is working out in short gym shorts on a weight bench when he takes a break to start playing with himself. He fantasizes about being securely tied and bandana-gagged in just his jockstrap on the gym floor. Dominik shows off his rock hard ass and finally wiggles his hands free. His whole body is soaked in sweat as he uses his well fought freedom to milk out a big, creamy load!
Steve and Mirek - Raw - Raunchy
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Honza, Ondra and Vlado - AIRPORT SECURITY
We are back at IML doing demos for the crowd and bound jock Blue Bailey volunteers to get an electric plug sparked up in his ass by seasoned coach Dolan Wolf. Dolan starts off slowly warming up the jock's nipples before bending him over the bench and hoisting his ass high in the air. Once Blue is secure and unable to move, Dolan plugs him and turns the juice up. Blue's muffled yelps can be heard through his leather muscle as Dolan turns the power up and up for the enjoyment of the crowd!
Trapped in a cage and made to remove his clothes, Bruno starts undressing.
Bound jock Topher DiMaggio is tied to a weight bench in just his underwear with his perfectly sculpted ass sticking out. He struggles to get free, but it only makes the ropes tighter. We then strip him naked and retie him on his back so his hard-on is exposed. Topher manages to get one hand free and strokes his dick until he shots a nice juicy load!
Bound jock Axel Flint has been helplessly tied over a weight bench in the locker room with his ass high in the air. Connor Maguire canít help but take a mouthful of this exposed booty for himself. After giving Axelís hole a wet lashing with his tongue, Connor pulls out his rock hard jock meat and gets down to some serious pounding. With nowhere to go Axel is plowed until he shoots!
Bound Jock Sebastian Keys is tied up with his ass in the air. Dylan Roberts enters and makes the captive jock suck him. Then Dylan squats over the helpless boy a plows his ass like a jack knife until he cums.
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Rosta and Tomas - Raw - Airport Security
The club management is conducting their daily business going over budgets, sponsorship and lucrative TV deals. Coach Derek knows they don't have much time, but he wants to do whatever is needed to impress them because getting this job will be a huge promotion. He demonstrates his physical abilities, but the management need to see every muscle in his body and get hands on even when his engorged penis gets in the way.
Bound Jock Alexander Garrett is tied to a weight bench in a wrestling singlet and sporting a very noticeable bulge in the crotch area. He wiggles and squirms to try to get free. When his singlet is removed his bound uncut cock springs to life. It is huge and tied to the base of the bench causing it to stick straight up into the air. As he struggles to get free the tension on his nuts causes him to cum like a geyser without ever even touching his own dick!
Dean Monroe wakes up to find himself hogtied on the floor in his bathing suit. As he rolls around struggling to get free he discovers there's a large butt plug up his ass as well. This excites him and with his hands still bound behind his back, Dean starts to play with the butt plug in his hole. This gets him so hard and excited that he can't help but blow a huge load!
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Gay War Games
Gay War Games - Rough Sex in Tchukistan
Gay fetish, male porn BDSM. Hung, built gay men are bound and gagged, whipped, and fucked. Gay sex includes rope bondage with gay spanking, anal sex, cock sucking, and cock and ball torture.
Bad Boy Bondage
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Bad Boy Bondage brings the very best in twinks being tied up and tormented by sadistic Dom for their pleasure.
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Gay fetish, Bondage, Spanking, Pissing, Rimming, Sucking, Whipping.
Gay Slaves Dungeon - relentless gay BDSM, brutal tops and submissive slaves
Coach Dirk Caber is training his boy Dean Monroe how to be the perfect jock and that all starts with some personal attention to the coach's cock! After sucking the coach like a pro, Dean is tied to a weight bench with his ankles also tied in the air. This gives coach the perfect opening to ram his rock-hard cock into Dean's eager hole. After a hard pounding coach Dirk rewards the jock with a creamy load!
The tables are turned and now Dirk Caber gets to take the flogger to Leo Forte's bare back. Leo's arms are stretched to the ceiling, but anchored to his balls. This means every time he moves his arms he yanks on his balls as Dirk begins to wail on his back with the flogger. Dirk beats Leo's back nice and hard until he takes mercy on the bound jock and releases his arms so he can fall to his knees. Dirk makes Leo suck his dick until he explodes all over the beaten jock's face!
Big bound jock Derek Pain is back for more abuse at our IML booth. Using rods and rope coach Dirk Caber binds this massive brute in a standing spread eagle so his muscles are on perfect display for the crowd. Dirk then punches, slaps and then electrifies Derek with a violet wand until Derek is reduced to drooling through his ball gag and pleading for mercy in front of the crowd!
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Rubber and Institutional
Tomas Hozman Raw - Round 3 - Hot Ass
Homeless day
It was really cool, nice day in forest with my small bitch. I fucked him harder and harder and soon was comming finish...
Tony Buff delivers an electric jolt to Chase Young's body
Bound jock Will Swagger is tied on his knees Sebastian Keys enters and forces Will to suck his cock until he is satisfied.
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Red-headed bound jock James Jamesson shows off how limber he is by sucking his own huge cock. He is then re-tied with both hands in the air and stretched to the ceiling, His massive boner flops in the air as he struggles to get free. Finally he gets one arm free so he can jerk out a load while his other arm is still tethered to the ceiling.
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The trustees
Camera Spy
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There have been reports of drones flying contraband into the jail but, in a surprise to no one, endless searches of cells have turned up nothing. The first recourse is to make an example of someone and let it be known that strip searches will become more common as a result of drone activity. The someone has to be an alpha on the wing or it won't work. The warders choose someone who is respected, has more to lose by kicking up a fuss than going along with it, and who is likely to have something on him. In this case its this stoic green eyed Irishman...
Kinky Gays - Exclusive gay BDSM collection
Homeless day
The big bulging muscleman refuses to give up any of his expensive toys, but that doesn't worry the debt collectors. They have unusual methods for making him pay now that he's stark naked. Meanwhile, the beleaguered man in the office stands helplessly exposed between the two officers while they insistently jerk his todger. This documentary reveals the depraved depths to which some men will sink when they are desperate and under pressure from the authorities.
Gay Slaves Dungeon - relentless gay BDSM, brutal tops and submissive slaves
Boy with Knife
Bullied No More
Been sentenced to prison is not fun at all. This young pal committed a crime and he has to serve his time. In Tchukistan the prison is tougher than in south america. Beating, bullying is just beginning. He and his dick are prisoners of lust.
Bound jock Alex Summers ankles are bound to his wrist and his hole is pressed against a dildo. The fiery red head squirms till his hole slides down the shaft of the dildo and he fucks himself for you to enjoy.
I believe that he already did regret what he has done. To owe money to Mob is the worst thing what can ever happen. Usually he would be punished only with hard beating, punching and kicking. But these two Mob collectors are into kinky things. They pulled out theirs dicks and our young wise dude is sucking them off for his life. And that is not the end. So it's time for hard anal pounding.
Bound jock Alessio Romero is the next stud to volunteer to be abused at our booth in IML this year. Coach Dirk Caber gets him quickly bound up in a standing position and then starts body punching Alessio's rock hard abs. This causes Alessio's cock to also get rock hard so Dirk pulls out the bound stud's meat for the whole crowd to see!
Bound jock Steven Ponce has his wrists tied to his ankles and is rolling around the floor. There is a round opening built into his bike shorts right where his pretty, pink butt-hole is and it's just begging to be filled. He finds a dildo and lubes it up with his spit and tries to stuff it into his own hungry hole. However, with his hands tied he can't quite fit it all in. We show mercy on him and untie him so he can finally fill his hole the way he likes while jacking off on to his milky white chest.
Johnny Lawless is hogtied and left alone on the floor. This horny jock rolls around struggling to get free, but while he struggles he becomes very aroused. He's finally able to reach his dick with one hand and begins to stroke himself. Unable to control himself any longer, he cums a bucket load of hot steamy cum onto his smooth chest!
Young Tarquin is used to being a star player and always being picked first for the polo team. He's brimming with testosterone and sex appeal that he doesn't even fully understand yet. Surrounded by his older commanding superiors, Tarquin complies with everything they demand and submits to having his clothes peeled off. Their hands roam all over his body making him very nervous and sweaty.
Troubles in Pool
And the fun game at the site is continuing. The soldier is using random tools, to please himself with the sight of suffering young dude. Once he has enough of childís game, he is going for a proper action. All tapped and non able to move or scream, our young pal is ready to be rapped.
Bound and gagged Dolan Wolf is lashed to the BJ studio rig where Bob Hager can easily get to his manly cock and balls. Bob has a new electrical toy and wants to test it out on Dolan's awaiting private parts. Bob screws the electrical ball crushing pad firmly on Dolan's nuts and turns up on the juice. Dolan moans louder and louder as the electricity is turned up Ė pain turns into pleasure as we watch these two strapping jocks go at it. The only relief Dolan gets is to suck Bob's throbbing cock.
Ondra, Mate and Danek RAW - Airport Security
Used and Bruised
Filip, Rudy and Artur - Airport Security
Carl feels totally justified in roughing up any man who might look at him in a sexual way. He proudly spouts off how he defended his honour even roughing up a prison guard. A specially mixed afternoon tipple will help him relax and clarify the situation in this aggravated boy's mind. He has nightmares about what filthy horrid sexual things men want to do to him but he'll soon realize what it feels like in reality.
Bound Jock Dolan Wolf is helplessly tied on his back with his legs stretched wide in the air. To complicate things further his balls are also tied over the pole holding his legs up and cinched to the gag in his mouth. The slightest movement of his head causes the rope to stretch his balls further. Cocky stud Jessy Ares is delighted to find this helpless bound jock ready and waiting to get his hole worked over. Once Jessy eats him out, he then fucks Dolan and stroke's his hard pulsating cock until he makes him cum! Jessy quickly shoots his white-hot load as well!
Breeder Fuckers
Breeder Fuckers - They Fucking Deserve It
REAL straight men are stripped, humiliated and beaten. We make them cry and struggle, shove our hard dicks in their resistant mouths and violate their virgin holes.
Clothed Male : Naked Male
CMNM : Clothed Male : Naked Males
There's nothing better than stripping straight lads completely nude, putting their bodies on display, and teaching them exactly how to submit!
Bound Jocks
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Backyard Bondage
Bubble butt and bound jock Tyler Rush is tied to a weight bench with his ass in the air. Hung stud Elijiah Woods takes advantage of the helpless jock by first eating out Tyler's endless booty and then he gets to fuck it with his big 10-incher. Elejiah keeps pounding away like the young buck he is until he shoots a load all over Tylerís perfect plump butt.
It was Dolan wolf's first time to IML. We strung him up and put him on display. The crowd enjoyed viewing hi perfect furry ass and huge uncut cock bound helplessly for all to view.
Bound Jock Gavin Waters is bound face down on a metal table in just a white jock strap. He wiggles and squirms around trying to untie himself but to no avail. He is able to get up on his knees and untie one of his ropes but still can't get his hands free, so he just rubs his crotch through the jock instead. His boner pops out the side and he strokes it with his bound hands until he pops a big creamy load all over the table.
The big bulging muscleman refuses to give up any of his expensive toys, but that doesn't worry the debt collectors. They have unusual methods for making him pay now that he's stark naked. Meanwhile, the beleaguered man in the office stands helplessly exposed between the two officers while they insistently jerk his todger. This documentary reveals the depraved depths to which some men will sink when they are desperate and under pressure from the authorities.
Bound jock Jessie Jordan is tied in the full splits as Cameron plays with his exposed ass. Cameron uses a dildo to penetrate the boys helpless hole before jacking himself off!
Restrained, punched, arse fingered, spanked, testicle control, trained to suck cock, mouth and arse covered in cum
We have a new recruit who wants to join Tchukistanian army. But the selection process isnít easy at all. HE will go through hell before he will be selected. He has to take humiliation and some beating to prove his loyalty. Unfortunately for him the recruiter is one of the toughest. And he has some special desires which he is gonna practice with him before he approves his admission.
Troy Daniels and Lucas Knight are two horny, bound jocks that are tied to each other in the 69 position. Both jocks are as hard as a rock and unable to pull away from the other's cock just inches in front of their faces. Finally, they both slurp and suck each other's sizable man-meat until they canít take it anymore Ė Home to glory!
Bound jock Marc Dylan is tied up on his back with his legs spread high in the air. Adrian Long takes advantage of this by fucking Marc slowly and methodically with his huge cock until he shoots a big load!
Bound jock Hayden Michaels is bound on the weight bench for Alex Andrews to torment. Alex tries clamping huge clampís on Haydenís nipples causing the boy to scream into his gag. Then Alex makes him suck his dick. Feeling generous Alex unties one hand so Hayden can jack himself off as he sucks.
Muscle hunk Spencer Reed is tied up in a wrestling singlet with his arms above his head. Morgan Black comes in and tries to torment the bound giant. The two start to suck each other off and Morgan is really enjoying it until Spencer traps him in a head lock and starts to turn the tablesÖ
Taught A Lesson
Bound wearing jock strap, made to worship two cocks, deep throat dick sucking, two cocks pushed in his mouth, arse caned, bastinado, ballgagged, flogged, fucked, balls clamped in a humbler, arse filled with a dildo.
Bound Muscle jock Casey Williams is strung up with his arms to the ceiling and a bit gag in his mouth. We struggles to get free flexing every muscle on his body. Finally his efforts pay off and heís able to break his arms free. He strokes his hard cock in relief and shoots a huge load.
The bitch Brice Carson finally gets his reward. After finishing up flogging, Master Devon pulls down his pants and enters Brice's tight hole while is half-suspended on his back. Master Tye brings in another slave to get sucked off.
Tomas Hozman RAW ROUND 4 - Duty Bound
Bound jock Bryan Cole is back for more! He has done our demos for 3 years in a row at IML and this time he wanted to try electricity. Bryan is tied in a standing position in the middle of the floor with his hands tied behind his back. Coach Dirk Caber takes his time attaching an electric cock ring and inserting an electrical plug into his bubble butt. Then Dirk cranks up the juice and boy does this jock holler! Bryan jumps and thrashes around as the voltage goes higher and higher for the amusement of the crowd!
All naked, tortured in the shower. Almost impossible to breathe cause of the water. Once that is over, huge cock is pulled out from the trousers and sucking can start. As our soldier is taking off his clothes, this young fella is more and more scared. He kinda knows what is going to come. And he is afraid that itís not going to be nice.
Bound jock Jessie Colter is already tied up to the rig in just a jockstrap when Mr. Kristofer enters the room. Mr. Kristofer promptly gags the squirming jock and proceeds to shove a cold electric butt plug up the bound jockís exposed ass. Jessie is rock hard as Mr. Kristofer turns up the juice on the power box. As the electric current gets higher and higher, Jessie gets louder and louder. Mr. Kristofer slowly strokes the boyís giant cock until he canít hold it back any longer and shoots an explosive load!
Time runs so slow, for our little watch thief. And the process is going in circles. Sucking, beating, fucking again and again. There is no way he can escape or make it last less. Only thing is just to get used to it and maybe enjoy it. But it wonít be that easy. Our watch victim is now hard and angry, so the revenge will be long and painful.
The BoundJocks team set up a booth at IML this year and encouraged guys to try out and be videotaped for our online scenes. Our experienced coach Dirk Caber promised to take good care of all our volunteers. JR Bronson loves to have his bubble butt played with so he quickly volunteered, but had never experienced an electric butt plug in his tight little butt hole before. We convinced him to try it for the first time in front of our cameras and the viewing IML audience. The result? Electrifying!
Tied down with leather straps - Bruno feels the sting of the flogger.
Dmitry and Rado - Raunchy Sex
Tony Orion just can't get enough of bound jock Christopher Daniel's pretty pink hole. Christopher is bound on his back securely to the weight bench with his legs in the air. Tony eats the ginger jock's ass until they both are moaning in ecstasy. Then Tony takes his hard cock out and fucks the helpless jock's hole until he blows his load!
Paddy grits his teeth and does his best to take being felt up by his hapless colleague. He's led through degrading acts further and further until he's naked on the floor. The tough worker is on all fours getting his arse fingered and his cock wanked. For the first time this hetero feels what it's like having his g-spot stimulated and Charlie grows increasingly excited directing the filthy action.
Bound jock Bryan Cole comes back for his second tryout at our booth at IML in Chicago this year. This time around he is put through his paces by coach Dolan Wolf. Bryan's arms are bound behind him and secured to the ceiling in front of the eager crowd. Dolan Wolf then takes a dirty jockstrap and places it over the Bryan's head. Dolan strokes the jock until he is nice and hard and then blows his whistle to make Bryan jog in place for the pleasure of the crowd. Bryan's boner bounces up and down as he runs till the whistle blows again and he's allowed to stop for more stroking. They repeat this training over and over until Bryan's chest is heaving in and out and he is sweating like a pig.
Bound jock Dominic Pacifico is really into his dildos! We tie him to the metal table on all fours and as he worships a huge dildo with his tongue, he slowly inserts another one into his ass and rides it like a pro. Dominic is a horny boy and he loves having his hole filled cause it gives him a boner. So, we strip him naked, flip him over and tie him on his back with his balls cinched to a ten pound dangling weight. As he struggles, he gets more and more hard until he has to bust his big load - hands free!
Devin Moss - Big Dick, Cum Shot
Petr and Milan - Raw - Airport Security
Woof! Tony Orion is one masculine pup. With his hands locked in leather pup mitts and down on all fours, we tie his raging boner tight and cinch it to a 25 lb weight dangling from the ceiling. The playful pup sniffs around a bit and plays with his toys, but his focus keeps being pulled to his rock hard dick. He tries desperately to stroke it, but can only manage to paw it. He rolls on his back and furiously rubs his dick with his paw until he shoots a huge puppy load!
Our blond cutie is being fucked hard. With his hands tied up he canít defend himself. So only thing he can do is just to submit and maybe try to enjoy all the punches, slaps and shouting. After a while his dick gets hard which means that he kinda likes it.
Paco and Ivan
Showing ass and sucking cock. Jakobe likes what he is doing.
Summer time, but no so hot. Good time for relax in forest. Unfortunately the boy disturbed me, and I was a little but angry - that you can see on video...
Submissive Gay Slaves - extreme gay slaves training
Bound jock Kevin Case is at the mercy of Spencer Fox. Spencer makes the helpless jock suck his huge cock and sits on his face until he shoots a load the boy.
Bound jock Blue Bailey loves to have his hole filled. So, we bound him to a steel truss and tied an electric plug up his open ass. We left the power box close enough for him to reach and control the current himself. Being a true jock pig it takes him no time to crank it up all the way causing his hole to contract involuntarily and his cock to throb. He rides the current until he can't take it anymore and has to shoot his wad!
Brutal Tops
Brutal Top - All male fetish website for gay bottoms
Using restraining ropes, chains, chastity, teasing and sensory deprivation our Brutal Tops punch, whip, slap, paddle, fuck and piss over dirty sex pigs until they're begging for mercy.
Gungster FUCK
Fuck hard BDSM
A city out of control/ gangs are in power/ Brutal and criminal Fuckers break the law/ break the boys. Bondage SM Rough SEX Piss Domination Feet/ Own production/ exclusive content.
Serious Male Bondage
Serious Male Bondage - real men playing with serious bondage
Looking for men on men bondage? Interesting and unique bondage scenarios featuring a wide variety of gear and real people. Leather, latex, rubber, metal and rope restraints.
Gay Slaves Dungeon
Gay Slaves Dungeon - Brutal Tops and Submissive Slaves!
Relentless gay BDSM! Gay slaves punished by brutal masters!
Boy Napped
Boy Napped - All kind of gay fetish
Painful sexual practises for the unlucky recruits. Fetish content from light to ultra dark: Anal Play, Bondage, CBT, Electro Stimulation, Face Fucking, Flogging, Pissing, Water boarding, Wax, Whipping.
Spank This
Young Boys Spanked Hard
Male spanking and corporal punishment gay porn videos and movies.
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