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The new recruit certainly didn't ever think this would happen during his first day in the army. The officer tied him, undressed him and now he even fondles his cherry. Jindrik's head is pushed into the toilet while the other soldier fucks him hard.
In the grimy workout room the head master and governor really test Alistair?s commitment to the job by making him bend over with his arse in the air. His hole needs to be available at all times for the authoritative men to take their pervy pleasure from. Being a sexually-active sporty guy he responds to the stimulation with his cock growing stiff while his anus is aggressively finger fucked.
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Hendrik ran away from the prison. He was horny and was looking for a slave who would serve him the way he had to serve before. On his way he noticed a young sprayer. He always hated those guys and decided to teach him a lesson.
Hot new crew member Adam Watson is in the house and he's toping the beautifully boyishJustin James.  Adam fucks his face first, asserting his dominance before getting to work on his ass. With toys at the ready, Adam makes light work of loosening Justin's hole before giving him a good hard fuck.  Rock hard throughout the video, Justin moans and groans as Adam makes him his bitch and finishes off with a sticky cum facial.
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The young man is tied to a ladder. His new master plays with him. His greedy fingers first touch the face, then the cock, then the whole body. He is also tender and starts to kiss the prisoner. And to his own surprise - the boy even gets a hard-on. Suddenly the master moves away to bring water and to wash the boy. He tears the boy's clothes apart and ties him into a humiliating doggy-position.
Angelic little Luckas layton is made to suffer the evil mind of Sebastian Kane in this hot video.  Stretched to his limits and showing off every defined muscle in his tight little body, Luckas can be nothing but submissive to Sebastian's acts.  Poor little kid is then covered in hot wax before being brought to his climax, shooting his warm load out onto the floor.
The goalkeeper already realized what is gonna expect him. Meanwhile he is stripped, his ass exposed and the perverted master plays with his hole. He sticks his finger deep into the boy's cherry and Danik has to suck him again and again. Then he starts to fuck the bound slave. He wanted him so much that he now want's to show him how deep his desire was. A hard time for the poor soccer-guy.
In his wasted state Jamie can only feebly object while the mischievous men seize control of his naked body in the filthy club toilets. Their hands slide over the ridges of his toned muscular body, seize his hefty ball sack and tug on his thick cock. Jamie can't resist all this adoration of his body and attention to his dick. The demanding men milk him mercilessly spraying his spunk all over the grimy floor and rubbing it over his angry face.
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The managers of Trojan Motors want to bring their bickering grease-monkey workmates closer together. Steve is made to get on his hands and knees with his tight asshole fully exposed. Proud tough guy Derek is repulsed by the sight of his rival's bum spread before him but his superiors make him rim his hole and get a full taste of Steve's ass. Derek gets his own back by violently fingering Steve's hole and shoving a butt plug up him. The erection Steve grows is plain for everyone to see and now it's clear how this dirty lad often has a big stiffy bulging through his work clothes when on the job.
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Kenzie Madison sure does know how to treat his boys mean - but has he finally met his match in a boy who begs for more? Watch as Sean Saint is used by Kenzie as he goes to town on this straight boy's ass. Fingers, toys and ass-fucking leave Sean begging for more. Kenzie dildo fucks him using his foot and spits all over him before making Sean eventually shoot his load.
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Tied and bound, clothes destroyed leaving him totally exposed, agonizing nipple pinching, breath control, cock wanked hard until he's erect, arsehole fingered, arse flogged, anus fitted with an anal hook, body pegged and given a vicious thrashing.
And they called it puppy love... You've seen dominatrix, you've seen pup and his master, but oh boy, we can safely say your gonna love these three hot boys Ashton Bradley, Mark Henley and new boy Brad Holt join us for feeding time at the Boynapped Mill as we get down and dirty with porridge that's never tasted so good. Poor Brad is subjected to the menacing antics of sick and twisted Ashton and shy but fierce Mark Henley. We guarantee you'll be at the edge with this performance in humiliation.
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Sweet-faced young Murray is looking to get into business and wants the guidance of some older suited gentlemen. Naive and shy he grudgingly allows himself to be manhandled and cross-questioned by his superiors. Up until this point he’s spent his summers carefree riding around the park on his bicycle checking out women. Now he learns what it means to knuckle down and work to impress the men who can secure his employment. The dumbstruck boy is shocked by the intensity of the encounter experiencing many new sensations for the first time.
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The soldier who calls himself Mad Max is about to leave the barracks. Suddenly he gets stopped by two officers. They start to interrogate him about what he has been doing to a prisoner a few months before. And they gonna teach him a lesson.
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Foreign boy Luke Winters finds himself strapped up between two posts at the mercy of a very horny Adam Watson. Adam can't wait to plough his new boy's tight hole. He gets so excited that he rips the ass from Luke's jeans and fucks him hard and rough, leaving Luke screaming. Poor Luke can't even get anything back from his brutal captor, as he finds out when Adam undoes the front of his boy's jeans.
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Leo James is back and as horny as ever.  But this time Sebastian Kane is using Leo's insatiable libido to his advantage.  Sebastian brings Leo closer and closer to the edge, teasing him and making him hold back his eruption. Leo wriggles and squirms to try and get away but with heavy restraints and Sebastian's hold, there is no way he is getting off that easy. When Leo is finally allowed to shoot his load, you can expect quite the creamy explosion.
Just outside the toilet doors, the club is jumping - but inside the adrenaline-pumped thugs have stripped down big bragger Jaime. He's bent over the sinks with the guys prying apart his hairy muscular ass cheeks to peer at his pink hole. They restrain him in place while taking turns mocking the stinking piss-scent of his cock, grope his balls and mercilessly tug on his wang. The men gob on his tight hole and ram their fingers up his ass making the proud muscleman wince and whimper. Men from the dance floor pass in and out of the room witnessing the humiliating spectacle.
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Poor Calvin Croft is once more subjected to Ashton Bradley's brutality. With Calvin incapable of moving and his smooth twink ass exposed, Ashton sets to work on widening Calvin's hole. Fingers and toys loosen this capable bottom for something more: Ashton's fist! With Calvin's screams only pushing Ashton to go further, he forces his fist deep into the boy. Once finished, Ashton utilises the gaping hole left where his hand once was as his very own personal urinal.
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Cocky Sajid believes he's lord of the club, swaggering up and bragging about his enormous dick. The lads have had enough. Ganging up together they teach the arrogant prick a lesson by stripping him down and snapping photos of his dick sized up against a lighter to send to all his contacts and post on the internet. The overpowered boy is humiliated as he's made to crawl naked on the filthy toilet floor baring his sweaty arsehole to the mocking group of men.
Teacher Ashley and head boy Derek are both a couple of hotheads. It takes the Head Master's calm handling to put these boys in their place. The teacher?s aggression could easily cost him his job, but the Head Master decides to blackmail him instead by making him submit to a full physical. Since Ashley has one of the most perfect asses on the planet the men waste no time peeling his shorts down to reveal his cheeks and jockstrap for a good fingering and tonguing.
With Jack Blaze tied to the floor, Sebastian Kane can once again have his wicked way with this blonde haired, blue eyed boy. Seb begins by flogging poor Jack until he is red all over.He then invites Ashton Bradley to join him in the humiliation.  Ashton and Seb Kane then proceed to piss all over Jack  before wanking and sucking him.  Ashton  then bites down Jack's body while Seb gives him a cum facial. Ashton finishes off Jack by jerking him off until climax
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Now Jess wants to fuck. He ties Bennie to the ladder and gags him with a dirty, smelly sock. Then he penetrates him and starts to fuck the boy without any mercy. After a while he unties him and leads him to the corner. There he ties him again. Upside down. He is ordered to suck. And after sucking its time for a whipping. Finally he shoots his load into the boy's mouth.
Mira just wants to get the job done. The hidden master commanded him to torture, dominate and fuck the unknown second slave. And so he is doing. He brought him into another room. The boy is gagged with duct taped and he lays on a table. Tied and helpless. All seems to happen according to the unidentified masters's plan. The work of a master brain - no doubt. And now the fuck continues.
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Restrained by chains and with his cock in a device that looks like it came straight from a Saw movie, this video is going to be quite a punishing task for Aaron Aurora. Don't miss him get his ass pounded by Ashton Bradley while he's caught in this steel trap.
So fully covered in hot wax that you can barely see the ropes that are restraining him, Bailey Oince really suffers at the hands of Ashton Bradley in this video. He's jerked off on the chair, able to do nothing about it, and also has to handle a big cock shoved down his throat.
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Thuggish gangster dad George thinks he can pull a fast one on the Head Master pretending he's an upstanding citizen. He's quickly caught out for what he really is. The Head Master and his head boy have a way of dealing with the likes of him. He's not feeling so tough when he's stripped down with his hairy body on show and his ass pointed up in the air.
Mike de Marko gets his big fat cock edged over and over again
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Jaime is about as arrogant as they come. Spending all his time at the gym, he's perfected a sculpted muscular body that makes everyone salivate. His continuous bragging in the men's loo while he gets more and more dosed irks the guys around him. They decide it's finally time to take control of this cocky fella and see what he's really made of by stripping him down and interfering with his anus.
Smooth, young Mylo is in for a severe session of CBT in this video. Tied to a massage table, his balls will never be the same after enduring the rough play that's inflicted on him in this intense one-on-one. His face looks so damn cute even when it's contorted in pain.
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Tied with his body on display, gagged, flogged, CBT, wanked till he's hard, breath control, fucked, left in tears.
Suspended up above the floor with his hole at the perfect height, Chad Chambers is ready to receive the cock of Luke Desmond. Watch him get pounded like the filthy piggy boy that he knows he is in this video.
Drug dealer Justin got caught. When they drive him to the police station he freaks out and spits at a cop. A very bad idea. They stop and drag the little wanker out of the car to tear down his clothes. They humiliate him by driving him around naked. They force him to suck their juicy cocks and finally they put him into the car boot.
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Kenzie Madison decides to play nice today, or does he? Massaging Calvin Croft and making him orgasm seems far too nice for the evil Kenzie , and it is. He soon shows his true motives for making Calvin cum so soon - to make his head ultra sensitive for some hard, rough, CBT. With pegs, crops, and sprays, Kenzie really hurts Calvin's freshly emptied cock until he can take no more, and then some!
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Heres young Calvin, back once more to see how far Ashton can push him.  Bent over and tied down Calvin is unable to do anything but take what's coming to him as Ashton fucks the twink's tight hole.  Ashton fucks him harder and harder until shooting his load all over his back.  Once emptied, Ashton returns to work on Calvin's ass until he can get a fist all the way into his hungry hole.
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REAL straight men are stripped, humiliated and beaten. We make them cry and struggle, shove our hard dicks in their resistant mouths and violate their virgin holes.
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Smoking hot Jonny Parker walks up to Aiden Jason, bent over a ladder, and literally rips the shirt off his back so he can get at that raw skin for a hot wax session. After inflicting the scorching pain on his back, he fucks Aiden where he stands in the ultimate act of humiliation.
The recruit has to lick his master's ass. He has to suck him and gets heavily deep-throated. As he still doesn't perform properly he gets tied again and fucked before hot sperm covers his face.
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Athletic star Nick is on a high having won a gold medal and he expects to be treated with an appropriate amount of respect. He expects lowly hotel employees to bow down before him and fall over themselves in awe. When he is trapped naked they see the perfect opportunity to put this cocky hetero sports star in his place denying him anything to cover himself and pulling him into a back office to deal with him properly. The employees take advantage of this situation to inspect the big brute’s foreskin and his tight anal opening.
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Christian owes Rick some money. When they meet in the park Rick literally freaks out, grabs the boy and leads him to his apartment. There he ties him well. Rick wants his money back. And as the boy is broke he gets offered to pay with his body. A few minutes later he is already naked and gets his cock fondled and sucked.
It is one of those first warm days after this winter and Danik is playing football outside. He thought he was there alone as he missed the last training. He didn`t know that someone has been watching him for over half a year now. And that this one was only waiting to meet the guy alone. When they encountered each other in the changing cabin everything went fast. Danik is a slave right now.
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Young, smooth, Max Brown is found tied to his makeshift bed bythe every horny Ashton Bradley in this video. Ashton covers Max's body in hot wax from head to toe, forcing him to twist and squirm in his restraints. Once gorgeous Max is caked in wax, Ashton finally brings the boy to climax before giving him a cum facial.
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Raffael is upset that the retarded guy called his spraying a dirty smearing. He took the boy to his garage and there he decided to teach him a lesson. Kyril, who dared to offend our street-artist, finds himself in a pitiful position. The muscular guy starts to tear apart his clothes. He even touches his dick and treats him like a girls. He beats and spanks him before he commands him to suck. What a humiliation for the boy.
Young, sexy, natural twink Aiden is tied down and left at the hands of Sebastian Kane. Sebastian massages Aiden's tight, sexy body before removing a mound of natural pubic hair with hair clippers. The razor shaves Aiden totally bare before he gets fucked by various dildos and made to masturbate until he cums.
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The young boy is tied to the table. His master is swearing on him. He plays with his prisoner's face and slaps him. Then he checks the boy's wallet, his ID card and money. He takes off the boots and makes him smell them. Time to inspect the boy a little bit more in-depth. He tears down the pant and plays with the balls. He squeezes them until the boy agrees to touch his master's private parts. Then the boy is commanded to suck.
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Two perverts break out of their cell and relentlessly edge Officer Andrew Justice
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Mira was under shock when he woke up. He noticed that his hands were tied to the ceiling of a room that looked like a warehouse. Then he realized that he was totally naked. Somebody stripped him. He has still nightmares from what happened to him a few months before. And now the story seems to repeat itself. But who is the other guy? He never SAW him before...
Tied, stripped down and groped, gut punching, arse flogged, whipped till he strips off his own jock strap, made to wank other men off, arsehole fingered, nipples clamped, foreskin and balls pegged.
With his legs tied wide and his hands pulled in front of him, Milo is in the perfect position for Adam to dive in and pound his new tight hole. Adam doesn't stop, even when his captive screams the house down, he just keeps going, until he finishes by cumming all over Milos back.
Sebastian thought it was about time Jacob really squirmed, and he was the best man to do it. Sebastian works over Jacobs body, tickling and teasing him as he strokes his hard dick. Jacob gets the wax treatment as Sebastian pours the wax up and down his body. Finally Sebastian takes Jacob to the edge and makes him shoot his load before drowning his dick in a sea of wax.
Hendrik was driving within a security zone. This is already enough in Tchukistan to get arrested nowadays. The guar watches the poor car-mechanic. He starts to play some little pervy games with the young prisoner.
The prisoner doesn't have to expect any mercy. He is tied and his ass is ready and prepared to get heavily fucked. But first the guard starts to spank the poor boy. He likes to humiliate him before he covers the guy's face with lots of sperm.
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Palet wrap isn't something we have seen on BoyNapped, but sexy Max Brown wears black plastic so well. Wrapped like a piece of meat, Max has but a small hole to breath from as Sebastian pulls his hard dick through a second hole. Balls roped, bucket in place, Sebastian empties over 5 liters of water into the bucket which is held only by Max's stretched balls. With pain and weight on his balls, amazingly, Max is still shoots his creamy load before pleading for his situation to end.
Sean Saint certainly likes to be dominated, so who better to pair him with then our very own Kenzie Madison?  Tied to the celling, Sean can only attempt to move out of the way of Kenzie's forceful spanks. Getting harder and harder each time Kenzie continues to beat the boy into submission before making him shoot his load out onto the floor.
Hannibal tied the little thief to a metal grid. One leg up and one leg down. The perfect position to give him a good spanking. He plays with his butt until it's red. Then he brings him deeper into the forest. There he chains him to the ground. He fondles him, he licks and kisses him to prepare him for what's going to come. The young thief has no chance but to wait and obey to his master.
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Brad holt is back and this time Adam Watson is ready and waiting to use and abuse the poor boy.  Bound to a urinal in an abandoned public toilet Brad is tortured with ice and cold beer before being made to suck his way to freedom.  Adam face fucks and teabags brad until his shoots his load over his face and pushes it back into his mouth. Adam then warms Brad up with a stream of golden piss all over his body.
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Radim Paulus - Mad Monk - SPANKING
Calvin croft is lurking in the mill toilets, eagerly waiting for the next horny cock to come along.  Calvin's waiting is soon over when he is offered up a hung, young dick to play with.  He soon gets to work on the mystery shaft, licking and sucking with all his might.  But a suck isn't enough for Calvin, so he offers up his ass to the unknown guy on the other side of the wall before making him cum all over him.
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Leashed, boot licking, made to display his arse, bum caning, ball-gagged, fucked, arsehole covered in cum, sperm-covered dildo shoved up his hole, balls clamped.
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When the two bored soldiers started to jerk each other they noticed a homeless boy watching them. They grabbed him, commanded him to suck and make naked exercises in the snow.
Lost for something to do during a thunder storm, Adam decides to ride it out by abusing the buff Dan Jenkins. With him tied and bent over a bar, Dan is in the perfect position for Adam to brutally fuck his fit little ass. Between the cracks of the thunder Adam gives Dan's hole a rest as he pours hot wax all over his exhausted boys back.
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