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Hannibal's body was burning with the desire. He ripped off the undies of this young but not innocent thief. Started to play with his smooth and nice cock. Dude was moaning so loud that Hannibal tied up his month and to calm him a bit he used a smoking piece of wood from the fire. Once he shut up, Hannibal pulled out his monsterous cock and made him to taste it.
So let the truing begin. Lieutenant Igor is gonna try to make a man from young pvt. Johan. Johan thought that to join Tchukistanian army is a piece of cake. Haha, soon he will find out the truth. And Igor is here to commence his training. Who knows how far this will go, but one thing is for sure. Johan is gonna be a proper soldier, once this is done.
This recruiter is tough! Teared apart all the clothes of our young recruit and made him eat sand, run around bare naked. But itís not enough, He fixed his mouth with some dentistís tool and made him vomit. The dude thinks itís gonna be over soon, but the fun part is just about to come.
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And the lesson continues. Burglar Ron is now forced to suck Hannibalís monstrous dick. And that leads to Hannibal getting crazy horny and his only desire is to stick it hard into Ronís tight, virgin asshole. With his legs and arms tied up there is no way to escape.
The poor boy only wanted to get a job. But he asked the wrong person at the wrong time. He destroyed an empty glass and the upset owner totally freaked out. He undressed the boy, humiliated him and dressed him like a bar-girl. But now the situation changes. His boss obviously wants more. He makes him suck his dick. Deeper and harder. Then he goes for the boy's ass. He fondles him with greedy hands. Then he starts to fuck.
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H.M. Prison wormworth the toughest screw and the hardest cons...
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Lazy worker is being punished for his behaviour. He is gonna be humiliated and marked as gay. The construction site chief is using the plastic foil to made him his personal bitch. Soon he is gonna look like a slut, with lipstick a nail polish he looks just awesome. Bit of cream is the cheery on the top and the action can start.
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In the middle of nowhere. Tied up and with no chance to move. Poor little blondie is gonna experience a true definition of a word pain . Letís see how he gonna manage a pounding, slapping and sucking which is about to come. The two attackers teamed up on him. Beating him with the belts and slapping on a face with their dicks. He canít even scream for help, cause his mouth is block with a duck tape. They are about to put medieval on his virgin ass.
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Pvt. Johan understands that his basic training would be a hard time. But getting bound to a tree, getting stripped and fondled? The officer obviously takes advantage of the situation. He enjoys to play with the juicy, hard prick of this helpless recruit.
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We have a new recruit who wants to join Tchukistanian army. But the selection process isnít easy at all. HE will go through hell before he will be selected. He has to take humiliation and some beating to prove his loyalty. Unfortunately for him the recruiter is one of the toughest. And he has some special desires which he is gonna practice with him before he approves his admission.
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He was lazy as fuck. So it is only fair if he gets fucked now for his laziness as the final stage of punishment has begun. The tied and stripped worker lays on the floor with his cherry vulnerable and exposed. I started to fuck the bit brain out of this hard guy's head. Then I told him to suck me again. He wanted this to end so he sucked like a bitch. When I came I flooded his face with sperm. But we werenít done yet. I now want to see him cum.
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Embarrassed schoolboy Tarquin only recently started learning about the excitement of self pleasuring. He's never been fully exposed in front of fully grown men before. It surprises him when his penis reacts to their attention by growing profusely. He becomes so engorged it feels all tingly and he gets a fluttery feeling in his stomach. The stricken boy can't stop what happens next!
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Sprawled naked on the floor with his bare arse up
Hannibal enjoys punishing this thief a lot. His hard on is bigger than ever was. With the hands tied up to his legs, his asshole is so tight. He suffers a lot. His moaning is still more and more intense. But Hannibal still wants more. Finally a climax is about to come. Final touch will be a blow job and then comes a huge cum shot on his sinful face as a reminder of the fact that stealing is bad.
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Someone is born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Like young Richie Rich , his job is to be a SON. Pretending that he owns every place he is. That pissed off Hector a lot. He is a village gangster, who's working hard to make living. One day he stopped Richie, gets in his car and force him to drive out of the village. Let's see how big person Richie is in the situation where money has no value.
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He was good with blowjob, but with fuck more better. I enjoyed that so much. And soon I was in finish.
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Young couple is in need for money, so they gonna try to sell a fake watch. What they donít expect is that their target is not as stupid as he looks. Once he find out, the show can start. Girl escapes but the boy is caught and about to suffer the hardcore revenge and punishment. Slapped, tied up, beaten. Let's see how hard this will be for him.
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The young guy wanted to steal some cables from a remote building site. But it wasn't as remote as he thought. A perverted security guy called Hannibal was on watch. He noticed the intruder and arrested him. The guy got tied with the cable he wanted to steal and carried into another room. Although his shift was over Hannibal was sure that he was gonna enjoy the evening. He lighted a fire and started to enjoy his slave's body.
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It's flattering for the young lad to be getting so much attention from these powerful football club board members. He's not likely to question when they start feeling him over and peeling his clothes off. But once they start touching his sensitive cock and it quickly engorges he's embarrassed to be standing there with a big stiff for all to see. His humiliation increases all the more when he's ordered to bend over on the board room table.
His first day
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Mykul Pierce is itching to prove that Brayland can't be a real man under pain, and the surefire way to do that is electro. Strapped to some medical restraints, his nips and asshole are lit up so the bitch is bucking off the table from the juice.
Johnny Lawless is tied spread-eagle to a metal bed frame when A.J. Irons enters the room. A.J. strokes and teases the helpless bound jock on the bed making him rock-hard. A.J. unties Johnny's legs and throws them into the air so he can plow Johnny like there is no tomorrow. Both jocks enjoy their sensual bondage fuck!
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Buddy is getting pounded hard. Pain and suffering is all I can say. Wishing for this to come to the end. But it will take more than a few moments cause this massive erection is long lasting and hard!
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Richie is used to fast cars, big parties and beautiful girls. But not to getting tied and being put into the trunk of a car. When they finally reached a remote forest Hector pushes his prisoner to the ground. He makes him suck his golf club and tears apart his expensive clothes. Then he gets blind-folded so he can't see Hector's erection. But he can feel the rock-hard penis when he has to suck him. A couple of face-slaps are his only reward.
He was still in folie. It was very funny - beat him, play with dildo in his mounth and face. After I told him, he should sing, jump and enjoy my wonderful game.
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Now you will see how bad can a piano lesson and. You can call it being in the wrong time in the wrong place. The young thief is breaking and entering the house and suddenly he finds out that there is someone in. His reaction is fast and fierce full. Smashing the fingers and beating the young pianist. I bet there wonít be any piano for this young dude for a very long time.
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All naked, tortured in the shower. Almost impossible to breathe cause of the water. Once that is over, huge cock is pulled out from the trousers and sucking can start. As our soldier is taking off his clothes, this young fella is more and more scared. He kinda knows what is going to come. And he is afraid that itís not going to be nice.
Tomas and Mirek
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Rado and Jaro
I had some recruit in my hands, which need be a little bit trained. So lets give him some lessons about life in army!
And it's true. There is no way to escape. Ron has to suffer through the whole act. Anally raped and punished for his actions he realises that stealing isnít the way to make living. Few last but strong slaps and then it comes. Cumshot as a cherry on the top for this lesson.
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Rado and Jaro RAW - Airport Security
The unstable situation in Tschukistan is not getting any better. Therefore on every bridge is a patrol. Young separatist is caught with the illegal firearm and immediately punished for that. Our soldier of love is not planing on taking it easy on him. He is gonna suffer a lot.
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Bound Jock Landon Conrad is securely tied down and stretched on a shiny metal table in just a wrestling singlet. He thrashes and turns about sporting a huge erection that makes an impressive bulge in the nylon singlet. Next the singlet is removed exposing his massive boner as he continues to struggle. Unable to touch his own dick and frustrated he humps the table until he is finally able to shoot his load!
The easy part for Danda is over. Guard pulls his dick out and sticks it into Dandaís dirty mouth. As the blow job becomes boring for the guard, he starts to finger Dandaís ass , so it become wider for the upcoming penetration. He can't wait anymore to stick his cock inside Danda's shaven asshole.
Damien finds himself strapped and bound by a masked man (Devon Salem).
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This punishment is severe. His ass is in pain like never before. Screaming for his life, just to survive every single penetration. I think he will learn his lesson and will never commit a crime ever again.
While working out muscle stud Samuel OíToole starts to fantasize about getting tied up with the play apparatus we have in the BoundJocks' studio. He is first restrained with his hands behind his back unable to touch the larger-than-life bulge growing in his jockstrap. Samuel is then restrained completely naked with his hands tied to the ceiling sporting a man-sized boner! Wiggling his one hand free, he works his cock until he shoots a massive load on his rock-hard six pack abs!
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Bound jock Topher DiMaggio is tied to a weight bench in just his underwear with his perfectly sculpted ass sticking out. He struggles to get free, but it only makes the ropes tighter. We then strip him naked and retie him on his back so his hard-on is exposed. Topher manages to get one hand free and strokes his dick until he shots a nice juicy load!
Time for the coach and chairman to take charge in the football locker room
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The Prince is enjoying a relaxing afternoon feasting in his board room and reading the papers when he discovers that captain Jon Damian has been shaming the club. It doesn't matter that the captain is in the middle of a training session on the field. He's immediately summoned before the Prince and other board members. Whenever the board get a close look at Jon's massive muscular pecs they can't help themselves from whipping down his shorts and getting their hands all over him. With his sporty arse cheeks planted on the chairman's face, Jon blushes deeply. This uncomfortable nudity causes the proud famous captain an extreme amount of embarrassment.
Hannibals huge cock isnít very easy to suck, this thief could tell you about it. And the more painful part is just about to come. His virgin asshole won't be very happy with the drilling machine trying to get in. But he deserves it, a lot!
The recruit is being kicked and shout on to. Running around naked, in the cold water, while the the trainer is splashing water on him. Getting beaten up with a black-jack is nothing to compare with what is about to come. Letís see if he is able to lick ass as a professional.
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Lost Ball
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Furry stud and bound jock Morgan Black is alone in the locker room fantasizing about being tied up. Wearing nothing but black underwear and sneaker his hands are tied to his ankles as he rolls around trying to get free. Next he is stripped naked and his cock and balls are also tied to his ankles as he continues to struggle. He finally wiggles his hands free and is able to stroke out a big juicy load!
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The final part of the punishment is here. Danda is moaning like a little bitch while the Guard is fucking him hard from behind. Toying with his cock and slapping his ass is just increasing the pain for Danda and pleasure for the Guard. Getting ready for the massive climax and a cum shot on Danda's face.
This recruitment is still more and more exciting. Young recruit has his mouth shut, so he canít say a word. He can just lay down and relax. Otherwise the pounding would be even more heavier and ruthless. Once he gets a full cum load into his mouth, he is asked the final question. Will you or will you not obey every single order of your Superior.
This lazy ass young worker is gonna get burnt. He thought he can just do nothing and get paid, but this site is owned by mafia, so there is no cheating allowed. Once caught he will suffer the consequences. Heavy punching and beating is  just the beginning. Cause the chief has very special needs and kinky mind.
Soccer is a great game , I love it . But what I don't like is pompous fans who think everything they can. One such here just appeared , he was screaming like idiot!
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JOCK SHOTS Volume 4 is a nut-busting collection of the most juicy, ball-draining cum shots from your favorite bound jocks - Load after load after dick-squirting load. You will witness the endless explosions all in one place for your repeated pleasure.
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Tony Orion is into submissive red heads so he jumped at the chance to control bound jock Christopher Daniels. Christopher is on his knees with his hands cinched way up his back and is ordered to cross the room to suck Tony's massive cock. Then the jock is thrown over the weight bench with his exposed ass in the air so Tony can go to town on his pretty pink hole. Tony slaps and chows down hard on Christopher's ass and gets him ready for the brutal pounding to come.
It's demeaning to these proud tough workers to follow the commands of this privileged little twerp who struts between them in his tidy suit. He belittles them any chance he gets. But he's grown complacent in his position indulging in recreational fun that his Uncle and the authorities would not approve of. If he's found out he'll lose it all. The men have him where they want him blackmailing him into being their locker room bitch.
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