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This boy hasn't learnt has he? He gives lip to the warders, tries to ingratiate himself with the older lags, but his biggest crime is that he stinks! The old timers have had words with the prison officers and, much to the delight of some of the pervier prisoners, this boy is being given his first ice cold power
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It's no wonder the warders' faces have been pixelated in this video. Anyone who saw the video of him at reception could tell that his life was going to be abject misery from day one. These 2 screws could be in trouble if this video was seen by the wrong people. With his arrogant attitude but tiny dick this hairy shouldered criminal was going to get needled by screws and lags alike. Unsurprisingly he's finding it a bit of a hard time and no mistake. He's become borderline psychotic but the warders are only capable of one reaction to lags under stress. Make it worse!
Just because he’s wearing a suit Darren is not granted any special favours with the assertive officers. He’s stripped totally naked and his foreskin is rigorously sniffed and examined by the uniformed policemen. The most tender parts of his body which only his girlfriend has had access to are now exposed out into the open for all to see. To keep from being locked away Darren has to humiliate himself baring his asshole for the policemen to inspect.
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It's said that men with tiny cock's acquire substitutes. If you were looking for evidence this would be it. The guards have to stifle laughing when this shame faced criminal is made to display his miniscule todger for everyone to see. He can barely look the other men in the eye when he has no choice but to drop his pants and stand their stark naked and on show. This jail has seen it's fare share of dicklets but this takes the prize. I wouldn't be at all surprised if word of his small appendage hasn't already reached the other lads and this crim will be constantly bothered by incredulous prison residents who need to see it with their own eyes...
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Star footballer Jack must stand fully naked in front of the club's directors while they survey his body and genitals. They openly discuss how his cock compares to his teammates and how heavy his testicles are. Standing so objectified and hyper-aware of his body, Jack's dick responds and he grows an erection. It's fascinating how this sporty stud's cock twitches when his arsehole is stimulated. They find it's best to get an expert in to give him a full and very thorough medical.
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With this guy I raced for a while , but then I caught up with him and get rinsed in a puddle after. Funny. Then we had a little gymnastics...
The prison psychologist is going to have a field day with this bastard. I mean, look at his large over filled balls. This cunt is high on testosterone and an urgent need to cum 24/7. Yet he's been given the tiniest fucking dick in the prison. He's going to be a fucking laughing stock when the other crims get a gander at what he's got between his legs. Which is why I reckon the shrinks will put 2 and 2 together and figure out why he was attracted to dealing in weapons!
Naked Louis is driven wild by having his prostate stimulated. The lads are really into it when they hear the tell-tale cackle of their tyrannical boss. They've had enough of taking it from him. Rather than be blackmailed by some worthless manager the boys use this opportunity to get their own back!
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It's been a few weeks since this crim was checked in, so now it's time for us to examine him thoroughly to see how he's been fairing inside. Especially how his tight pink arsehole has managed what with all the black cocks that have been plunging in and out of it whilst he's held down over a ping-pong table...
It's well known in prison circles that the warders will take time to humiliate and degrade specific prisoners who they believe are in need of 'correction'. Normally this would be the hard cases and especially the younger lads who need a
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It's comical that he still thinks that obeying the rules is beneath him. He's been in clink for 2 weeks and this muscular hairy fuck hasn't realised that it doesn't matter what he thinks. It doesn't matter that he was once the big man. In here he is a little bitch that got caught and now his body is the plaything of the guards. I bet he thinks they are too stupid to even look at him naked much less touch his ass. Maybe he's right but that's the rub when you're thrown in jail, big man!
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We have a new recruit who wants to join Tchukistanian army. But the selection process isn’t easy at all. HE will go through hell before he will be selected. He has to take humiliation and some beating to prove his loyalty. Unfortunately for him the recruiter is one of the toughest. And he has some special desires which he is gonna practice with him before he approves his admission.
Used and Bruised
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Yes, it's no surprise to see this athletic cunt brought in for a ritual soaking at the end of a freezing cold power shower. He's been noticed by screws and lags alike but it's only the screws that have 100% say over him. Whenever they want a pervy thrill who do you think enters their mind? That's the problem with being fucking sexy looking in jail, you get all the attention whether you want it or not.
Boy with Knife
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A body language expert would have a field day with this kid. Just look at his guilty behaviour. He keeps an eye on the guard as he rifles through his clothes. What has he stashed there? Then he does a lot of self-comfort behaviours. Touching his nose, pursing his lips. This kid is a middle class lad brought up with good morals who really shouldn't be here. Guilty? Yes. Suited for the bin? No...
Coach Ryan Spanks Zach
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Just Do It!
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Young recruit is moaning in pain, as soldier's huge dick is penetrating his virgin asshole. When he thinks that is gonna be over, he is far from being right. To train him how to survive torturing if the enemy catches him, he is placed in the cage and fucked from behind.
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This is a proper career criminal. He wants to get in, get his head down, do his bird and get out and robbing again with the minimum of fuss. Of course he has contraband on him. That's a given. The screws know him and he knows them. They are sure he has stash on him, it's just where?
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Bruno is setup to Dance like the little bitch he is.
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The flogging continues! Master Devon send the winch up so that bitch Brice Carson is entirely upside down. The sadistic master then proceed to flog the shit out of him! The boy can do nothing but writhe and scream as the strokes hit.
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This lad is no stranger to being inside. He's a proper psycho. The police were called to a domestic incident and this guy managed to not only hurl a punch at a police officer but also at a police dog. Judges don't take kindly to that sort of thing so he's wound up in jail. The warders see how he tries to stare them out and play the hard case. But he blows it all by hiding his cock behind his hands. Showing you are shy is the wrong way of going about the reception process. But then this guy makes a habit of wrong decisions...
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This little toe-rag thinks he's cleverer than the guards. Fleecing little old ladies out of their life savings. Very clever. Yet here he is having to display his nude body to prison warders beneath him. Ain't karma sweet. He has the look on his face like he loathes this and he no doubt does. This makes it all the more fun for us doesn't it?
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Gym bullies
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Warmish water showers are available to prisoners but there are good reasons why some men prefer to avoid them. If you're an arms trafficer who thinks he's harder than he actually is then you might choose to stay stinking. The screws can't force you into a shower. But, and it's a big but, if you get on the wrong side of them then they are legally entitled to wash you for your own health! They do it with an ice cold power jet wash!
His clothes are torn apart. Sven gets beaten and stripped. Then lubed with oil and penetrated with iron tools. He has to suck and gets sucked. Finally he obeys to being used as a sex slave.
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Encaged and chained poor Raul pleas for mercy. But Mercy won´t be granted. He screams when his tiny virgin hole is fucked and together with his mate he gets his face covered with hot sperm.
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Troubles in Pool
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First degraded with several humiliating games, then tortured with ice-cold water. Sascha gets his T-shirt cut and gagged, he gets the command to suck the soldier before a rough fuck starts.
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Side-show Bob here really thinks he's a clever cunt. He's made a foolish error to let the pigs arrest him and get sent down ahead of the trial. A trial in which he will be found not guilty of course! All this is rather beneath him. He's big and muscular and is going to be the cleverest on the wing. No doubt he'll teach some of the stupider crims how to read and help with their letters from home. All the while he'll have a big fat grin on his face because he's more intelligent than all the prison warders AND the governor...
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Judging by the state of blondie's hole during the reception process this crim needs a good scrub. It doesn't matter how pretty his blue eyes are, a stinky hole is a stinky hole and this lad is quickly ushered in for a mandatory soaking. Naturally the water will be freezing cold and shooting from a power jet wash. They don't want any bits of shit hanging from his hairy asshole. Not when there is a prison full of sexually frustrated men just gagging for a fresh piece of ass to fuck...
The management must frequently court attention from the press who seek to get the latest from the Mancastle board room. Reporter Tom is granted exclusive access to record a piece about what an esteemed club this is. When he tries to blindside the management by going hard news it's time to put this upstart in his place and show him exactly how caringly teammates are routinely handled. Being a well-groomed former footballer himself, the men are glad to conduct a thorough demonstration using his body.
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Being musclebound in the outside world is useful. Coupled with big hair and an outgoing personality you will get nothing but attention and good things. But what helps on the outside is very unhelpful in prison. There is no way that this cat can
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It's been a couple of weeks since this lad's incarceration and he's not handling it at all well. He started dealing as a fast way of making big money without much in the way of hard work. He's suddenly found himself skint and living 24/7 in crushing discomfort. Older men stare and smirk at him on the landing. He's in constant fear of unwanted attention. Worst of all are the constant strip searches. Often there is no consideration for privacy and anyone who wants a gander at this boy totally nude need only glance over at his dangling knob and balls as he squats down every morning. The guards make sure the sex cases have cells unlocked in time for the show...
What a little slut-bag the cops have nabbed. Look at the way this boy stares out the guards as he's brought in. He's already sussed out who's Mr Big inside that he can suck off for favours. He thinks he's bigger than any prison guard. That really is a mistake because, as much as he might have protection from the other lags and gets fags whenever he wants, he still has the ritual of the cold shower. Whether he likes it or not.
Summer time, but no so hot. Good time for relax in forest. Unfortunately the boy disturbed me, and I was a little but angry - that you can see on video...
Bullied No More
Soldier Matthew
Filthy Chaps In Crazy Clinic
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