Damien finds himself strapped and bound by a masked man (Devon Salem).
Taken into a headlock the soldier drags the pastor's son downstairs. In the cellar he ties him to a chair, cuts off the clothes and starts to fuck him. Then he commands him to shower with ice-cold water.
Roman was sent to clear the forest from possible outposts. When he attacked Lev he didn't see that a second soldier was nearby. They overwhelmed him and started a rough interrogation.
Nicholas' Ass Abused
Roman finds himself in a helpless position. The soldiers shave his hairy ass and torture his balls. They humiliate him in many ways and play with his hole and private parts.
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The deserted recruit gets a hard lesson. First his body has to feel the pain of hot wax. Then he gets a good whipping. But finally it is the hard fucking that made the young soldier really scream.
Sweet revenge: Mr West pound Mr Bullock's arse
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The young prisoner has to do squats. Then the soldier starts to lick and kiss him. He undresses and fondles him before he goes for his ass. He takes him into a headlock and squeezes the balls.
Derek is tied up to the archway. Tartas completely undresses the guy. He is lustfully kissing him. But then Derek gets used like a punching sack and he has to dance to escape the flamethrower.
When the two bored soldiers started to jerk each other they noticed a homeless boy watching them. They grabbed him, commanded him to suck and make naked exercises in the snow.
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The young guy is tied to the chair. He has to suck the soldier's cock while his balls and cock get tortured. Then he gets sucked himself until his new master finally sees his arousal.
The officer kisses the red lips of his helpless prisoner. Then he starts to torture him with hot wax dropping down from a candle. He face-fucks him and slowly begins with the anal torture.
As the time passes the prison time is getting more and more unpleasant. Sucking cock is not a punishment here, it is just a foreplay. The guard is so nice that he even return the favor. Lets see how long this pleasure time is gonna last.
Derek tried to run away. But the military police was behind him. They finally got the suspect. And they dragged him to the old ruin. He had to undress and an evil punishment started..
The cute boy lies on the table. Bound and hepless. He has to suck one Rebel while the other one fucks him from behind. Then they even spank him before they cover his whole body with loads of sperm.
The recruit has to lick his master's ass. He has to suck him and gets heavily deep-throated. As he still doesn't perform properly he gets tied again and fucked before hot sperm covers his face.
Rudy and Adam - Raunchy
Time for the coach and chairman to take charge in the football locker room
The trouble with hitting a man for flirting with your wife is that you may end up in jail. Then your wife is free to do as she pleases whilst you are punished inside. Often sexually. Something of a lose/lose...
Gay Slaves Dungeon - relentless gay BDSM, brutal tops and submissive slaves
Though he looks innocent like a pathfinder Sebastian is nothing but a little thief. In an remote room the soldiers makes the boy suck dick a first time. He cuts the guy's clothes and plays with his new slave.
Jan faces a worse time than before in prison. The soldier cuts his clothes piece by piece. Then he starts to shave the boy`s private parts and washes him with ice-cold water before he makes him suck dick.
Daniel drags the conscript into the catacombs. There he strips and ties him to a chair. He humiliates him with lipstick, nylons and face-slaps. Then the blond boy has to kiss and suck him.
Paul Belonek - SPANKING
Roman gets dragged to the old barracks. The General joins the rough interrogation. They tear the spy's clothes apart and make him suck both cocks. The kiss, torture and humiliate him.
St. Dunstan's revenge: can sheming Simon entrap the headmaster
Matej gets his arms and hands tied to a shaft. Then the soldier fucks him in all possible positions. He shoots his load directly into the boys mouth before he commands him to cum as well.
The hands of the unknown slave-boy are still tied. His ass hurts as he gets fucked by Mira even faster. He gets spanked, he has to suck and then he gets fucked again. His young, blond master takes him to the other room and continues to fuck him there. In many different positions. And he spanks him even harder before he starts to fuck the helpless boy's mouth. The poor guy's nightmare continues.
Rado and Jaro
With his clothes torn apart Standa has to suck the officer on duty before he gets tied on a table in the nearby barracks. The soldier enjoys the straight guys body. He fondles, kisses and sucks the boy which is not able to move a single inch.
When a hard man is presented at prison reception the officers find it difficult to contain their glee. The tough guy is in the worst place to kick off. He's just been handed a sentence and the last thing he wants now is to be sent back to the judge to add more time. He's conflicted because he needs maintain his ego. The officers have carte blanche to take the piss out of him. So guess what they do?!
It's demeaning to these proud tough workers to follow the commands of this privileged little twerp who struts between them in his tidy suit. He belittles them any chance he gets. But he's grown complacent in his position indulging in recreational fun that his Uncle and the authorities would not approve of. If he's found out he'll lose it all. The men have him where they want him blackmailing him into being their locker room bitch.
Bound Jock Landon Conrad is securely tied down and stretched on a shiny metal table in just a wrestling singlet. He thrashes and turns about sporting a huge erection that makes an impressive bulge in the nylon singlet. Next the singlet is removed exposing his massive boner as he continues to struggle. Unable to touch his own dick and frustrated he humps the table until he is finally able to shoot his load!
The soldiers
Time for Nick and Matteo to be reunited
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Standa is tied to a huge metal door with his right leg up and his hole widely opened. The soldier fucks him roughly. His face gets covered with sperm before the soldier continues with an evil torture.
While working out muscle stud Samuel O’Toole starts to fantasize about getting tied up with the play apparatus we have in the BoundJocks' studio. He is first restrained with his hands behind his back unable to touch the larger-than-life bulge growing in his jockstrap. Samuel is then restrained completely naked with his hands tied to the ceiling sporting a man-sized boner! Wiggling his one hand free, he works his cock until he shoots a massive load on his rock-hard six pack abs!
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Mykul Pierce is itching to prove that Brayland can't be a real man under pain, and the surefire way to do that is electro. Strapped to some medical restraints, his nips and asshole are lit up so the bitch is bucking off the table from the juice.
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Vitaly gets tied to a metal bar and he has to suck off the soldiers. They put a rope around his cock and balls and humiliate and torture him  Then the exhausted boy has to perform exercises.
Hendrik ran away from the prison. He was horny and was looking for a slave who would serve him the way he had to serve before. On his way he noticed a young sprayer. He always hated those guys and decided to teach him a lesson.
The young prisoner is tied to the table. He has to suck his master and he gets deep-throated. Then his ass gets dildo-fucked. The helpless guy is almost crying a the pain seems unbearable. Then he gets fucked, doggy-style.
Brand Boy
We have a new recruit who wants to join Tchukistanian army. But the selection process isn’t easy at all. HE will go through hell before he will be selected. He has to take humiliation and some beating to prove his loyalty. Unfortunately for him the recruiter is one of the toughest. And he has some special desires which he is gonna practice with him before he approves his admission.
Gay Slaves Dungeon - relentless gay BDSM, brutal tops and submissive slaves
Danda knows that the road to the village is blocked. But he still wanted to visit his girlfriend and tried to find a path through the forest. But when the guard noticed him he got overwhelmed, strip-searched and fondled. A hard time in custody is up to come.
Faggot, You Will Lick Clean Our Arseholes - Deep Rimming - Fag Humiliation - Cock Sucking
St. Dunstan's revenge: can sheming Simon entrap the headmaster
Sporty Daniel is in peak physical condition. He's been training for months to try out for the rowing team, but nothing can psychologically prepare him for the intensity of being scrutinized by these suited officials. Daniel is totally overwhelmed as the men circle him copping a feel, sticking their noses in all his intimate crevices and removing his clothes a piece at a time. This big strong athlete who is used to being in command is suddenly aware of how naked and vulnerable he feels amidst these lecherous men!
The soldier tears apart the helpless boy's clothes and shouts at him. Then he inspects the ass and checks the boy's hole with his finger. After a while Ronny has to suck and finally gets heavily fucked.
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Spanked, tied and fucked. The poor soldier is in an extreme situation. After he got heavily fucked he gets tied to the ceiling and spanked. And Sergey starts to squeeze the soldier's balls.
Time for Nick and Matteo to be reunited
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Our master seems to have a cute guest hidden under a plastic blanket. He searches the pockets of the well-tied boy. After he doesn`t find enough money he starts to play with his helpless boy-slave. He undresses him, kisses him, makes him suck and fondles the boy`s dick. It might make one a bit jealous to see that our master has again such a cutie ready to serve him and only him. And what a nice service he even gets...
Devon Hunter is swimming laps in the pool on a warm summer day. After he lays down to take a nap and dry himself off in the sun, he wakes up to find himself hog tied on a white leather couch. He squirms around trying to get untied. His wet underwear is removed exposing his giant, throbbing cock which is fully hard and tied to his wrists with rope. He tugs and pulls causing his hard cock to bob up and down on his hard abs. Finally the bound jock is able to break free and stroke his cock until he cums!
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The goal-keeper lays on the floor of the shower room. He is naked and tied. Next to him lays the pervert master. He started to fuck the humble sports-guy as he has been breaking him completely. He only interrupts his heavy fuck for again spanking the helpless slave. He commands him to lick his balls and ass. He wants to humiliate that guy he longed for so much completely.
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Breeder Fuckers
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Poor Kyril is brought to the torture chamber in a shopping cart. He is tied and has to suck his master. He tries to apologize for his arrogant attitude but now it's too late. Rafael is deep-throating the guy while he keeps beating and spanking him. And to complete the humiliation he is even filming with his cell phone how he fucks the guy into the ass.
Time for Nick and Matteo to be reunited
H.M. Prison wormworth the toughest screw and the hardest cons...
Sergey deserted from the Army. He was sleeping when Dimitri broke into his shelter. After a fight the soldier was overwhelmed and taped. Dimitri stripped, fondled and fucked him lustfully.
After a heavy and hard beating, once an agressive soldier is now calm and obedient. Sucking cocks of high ranking officers whose mission was to teach him a you-gonna-be-fucked lesson. Let's seer how is he gonna handle those massive Tchukistanian dicks.
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Embarrassed schoolboy Tarquin only recently started learning about the excitement of self pleasuring. He's never been fully exposed in front of fully grown men before. It surprises him when his penis reacts to their attention by growing profusely. He becomes so engorged it feels all tingly and he gets a fluttery feeling in his stomach. The stricken boy can't stop what happens next!
Bound jock Will Swagger is tied on his knees Sebastian Keys enters and forces Will to suck his cock until he is satisfied.
Roman gets dragged to the old barracks. The General joins the rough interrogation. They tear the spy's clothes apart and make him suck both cocks. The kiss, torture and humiliate him.
The muscular Rebel-spy gets heavily fucked. The soldier puts him in several positions and ties him well. Helpless and humiliated he gets the full load right into his face.
Jose was on his way to his work in a fast food restaurant. When two Rebels saw the handsome guy they didn`t hesitate long. They tied him to a tree, undressed and kissed him. He had to suck them and to lick their sweaty soldier-holes.
It is a hard test for our slave boy. He is completely undressed and tied. The soldier starts to finger the boy`s hole - before he starts to fuck him. He takes him in man positions and commands the boy to cum.
The helpless reporter finds himself tied and on a table. The horny soldier fucks him mercilessly. He told him that he would only stop if he sees his hard-on. So the reporter obeys and tries to show his pretended lust as a final act of humiliation.
Jan's eyes are blindfolded. He is confused. The pervert soldier both kicks and kisses him. Does he want sex or does he only want to punish him? Suddenly the soldier commands the boy to suck. And he deep-throats him.
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It's flattering for the young lad to be getting so much attention from these powerful football club board members. He's not likely to question when they start feeling him over and peeling his clothes off. But once they start touching his sensitive cock and it quickly engorges he's embarrassed to be standing there with a big stiff for all to see. His humiliation increases all the more when he's ordered to bend over on the board room table.
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Tied to the table the blond recruit gets fucked in several positions. The officer gags him with a dildo. Then he has to lick the heavy boots before he shoots his load into the guy's mouth.
Heavy rain started. The Rebels bring their prisoner to an old factory. There they slowly take off his trousers. They make him suck and spank him well. Then they start to gang-fuck the cute boy in many different positions.
He was good with blowjob, but with fuck more better. I enjoyed that so much. And soon I was in finish.
Sprawled naked on the floor with his bare arse up
Josef still doesn't understand what was happening. He was going to meet a friend at the old barracks. Instead he got tied, fucked and beaten. His body is sweaty and covered with dirt. But the worst is still to come.
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The terrorists get the command to suck the soldiers one by one and to lick their dirty boots clean. Then they get fucked hard before they have to cum in front of all.
Kart and his crazy friend come home after two year serving in the army. They want to make a big party with beer and girls. When they met Sebastian they change their plan. Why not have fun with that lean cutie?
The Prince is enjoying a relaxing afternoon feasting in his board room and reading the papers when he discovers that captain Jon Damian has been shaming the club. It doesn't matter that the captain is in the middle of a training session on the field. He's immediately summoned before the Prince and other board members. Whenever the board get a close look at Jon's massive muscular pecs they can't help themselves from whipping down his shorts and getting their hands all over him. With his sporty arse cheeks planted on the chairman's face, Jon blushes deeply. This uncomfortable nudity causes the proud famous captain an extreme amount of embarrassment.
Josef completely obeys to the soldier's commands. He has to suck him and tries not to provoke him at all. But then the soldier brings him inside the prison camp. He gets tied to a chair and the young reporter's mouth gets fucked.
The master brings his new slave into the forest. He undresses the guy. Completely. He spanks him with a rope until the ass is red like fire. Then he sucks him. And while he does so he beats him as well. Just to humiliate him. An then he fucks him. He spreads his tight cheeks and finally intrudes the boy's anus. What a lean slave. What a servant. What a cutie.
The soldier wants his blond prisoner to feels his boner. He commmands him to suck. He plays with the boy and makes him perform the most submissive acts a straight guy could even ever think about.
Sprawled naked on the floor with his bare arse up
Mira just wants to get the job done. The hidden master commanded him to torture, dominate and fuck the unknown second slave. And so he is doing. He brought him into another room. The boy is gagged with duct taped and he lays on a table. Tied and helpless. All seems to happen according to the unidentified masters's plan. The work of a master brain - no doubt. And now the fuck continues.
Derek gets face-fucked and deep-throated. Tartas gags him with his own shirt. Then he starts to fuck him without mercy. Both from behind and in a fetal position before he floods his face.
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