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Austin Young - Daddy’s Boy - Teen boy Austin is spread-eagle face-down on the bondage table, his ass propped-up, ready to be fucked. But first he is brutally flogged by his sadistic daddy.
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Austin Young is spread-eagle face-down on the bondage table, his wrists and ankles padlocked to each corner. Completely naked and still hurting from his earlier tortures, the teen boy feels particularly vulnerable: His ass is elevated off the table by a block of wood placed below his waist, spreading his cheeks, exposing his boy-cunt. “Is that ass ready for me, boy?” Alex asks. “Yes, daddy,” Austin whimpers, terrified. The flogger strikes his ass, not too hard at first, then harder and harder up and down his lean back and round ass. “Please, please, please, daddy, it hurts!” Austin begs, but Alex shows no mercy. Austin’s boyish cries and anguished moans are music to his ears and he loves the warmth emanating from his boy’s whipped flesh as he strokes his body between beatings. Then he shows Austin the huge dildo that will be rammed up his ass.
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