Dream Boy Bondage - Muscle twink fetish pictures and videos including spanking, bound twink boys, captives, slaves, helpless and hogtied fantasy.
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Joseph and Hunter - Straight Bros - Hunter has secretly fantasized about turning hot, young Joseph into his bitch for years. Now he’s doing it, without reservation, first with the whip, then with the fuck-machine.
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Joseph, 21, has a smooth body with just the right amount of muscle, the face of a movie-star and a round, tight ass. His best friend, Hunter, has been his “wingman” since they were kids, but, unbeknownst to Joseph, Hunter has secretly wanted to fuck him for years while also resenting him, for always getting the girl, for his good looks and easy charm. Hunter loves running his hands over Joe’s naked, muscular body as he squirms and resists, bound face-down to an inclined table. “Come on, man!” Joe says, totally confused, since the old guy and his electric-collar are nowhere to be seen. Then the whip comes crashing down on his ass – with more confidence and vigor. “Fuck!” Joe bellows, as the whipping continues. “And now I’m going to fuck you,” Hunter announces, showing his bud a dildo mounted to a powerful machine. The look of terror on Joe’s face is priceless..
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